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[Analysis] The COVID-19 outbreak in North Korea

 On 11 August 2022, North Korea declared victory over COVID-19 and blamed the North Korean outbreak on leaflets from South Korea, while warning of "deadly retaliation." 1)  Earlier on 1 July, North Korean health authorities insisted that the initial COVID-19 outbreak began after two North Korean came into contact with “alien things” along its border with South Korea. 2)  "Alien things" were objects such as leaflets, bank notes, and booklets flown by balloons by South Korean human rights advocates.  Russian Ambassador to North Korea Alexander Matsegora followed North Korean claims, saying that it was undoubtedly confirmed that COVID-19 made inroads in North Korea from South Korea(8.19, Rossiyskaya Gazeta). 3)  In contrast, Western scientists, journalists, and the South Korean government refuted the connection between leaflets sent over the border and COVID-19 cases in North Korea. 4) North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared victory over COVID-19 on August 11 North Ko