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[Factcheck : Not True] South Korean leaflets is a root cause of North's COVID-19 Pandemic

  We made a factcheck on Kim Yo Jong's(Dictator Kim Jong-Un's sister) blame  on South Korea Leaflets for North Korea's COVID-19 outbreak. 

Kim Yo Jong Targets South Korean Leaflets as Root Cause of North’s COVID-19 Pandemic

In the statement published by North Korea’s state media KCNA on Thursday, Kim Yo Jong, the powerful sister of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the main voice of inter-Korean relations, said that the country’s COVID-19 crisis was South Korea’s fault. “Now that many countries in the world are taking more effective anti-epidemic measures, realizing once again the danger of the spread of the malignant pandemic disease through contact with the objects infected with the malicious virus, it is a matter of grave concern that the disgusting ones in south Korea stage a farce of scattering leaflets, bank notes, awful booklets and things over our territory,”  the statement  quoted Kim as saying during the National Meeting of Reviewing Emergency Anti-epidemic Work on Wednesday. When North Korea’s state media unexpectedly announced  its first case of the coronavirus  in May, its propaganda blamed the leaflets and objects sent from a civic organization led by  Park Sang-hak , who defected to S

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un 'suffered fever' during Covid outbreak, says sister

  IMAGE SOURCE, GETTY IMAGES Image caption, Mr Kim (left) and his sister Kim Yo-Jong, who is a senior official, pictured in 2018 North Korea's Kim Jong-un suffered from "fever" during the Covid pandemic, his sister has said - in what appears to be the first suggestion he had the virus. Kim Yo-jong also blamed South Korea for her country's outbreak - saying it sent leaflets contaminated with Covid across the border. South Korea rejected the claims as "groundless". Ms Kim was speaking as her brother declared victory in the country's battle against Covid. The secretive country announced its first Covid outbreak in May and has reported fever infections and deaths since. But there is widespread doubt over the data, especially the low number of deaths. In her speech, Ms Kim - who is a powerful senior official - blamed South Korea for spreading Covid into the North by sending anti-Pyongyang leaflets across the border. Activists in South Korea have done this for

Kim Jong Un's sister blames South Korean leaflets for North Korea's COVID-19 outbreak

Thursday 11 Aug 2022 at 10:42am Kim Jong Un has declared victory over coronavirus, according to state media. ( Reuters: KCNA ) Kim Jong Un's sister is blaming a COVID-19 outbreak in North Korea on leaflets from South Korea, according to state media.  Key points: Kim Jong Un has lifted maximum anti-epidemic measures The WHO have cast doubts on North Korea's COVID-19 numbers The country has no known vaccine program  The news came as Mr Kim declared victory over  coronavirus and ordered that restrictions imposed in May be lifted. North Korea has not revealed how many COVID-19 cases have been found in the country. However since July 29, the nation has reported no new suspected cases despite international aid organisations saying it has limited testing capabilities. While lifting the maximum anti-pandemic measures, Mr Kim said North Korea must maintain a "steel-strong anti-epidemic barrier and intensifying the anti-epidemic work until the end of the global health crisis,"